Alexis Chateau PR Wishes You a 2018 that Puts 2017 to Shame!

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Last year was a year to remember. We launched multiple new services — from travel booking to media relations — added a few new faces to our team, and helped our clients finish up projects that sat by the wayside for way too long.

It’s almost frightening how quickly 2017 flew by, especially for those of us coming off holiday breaks, wondering where all that time for fun and relaxation went!

With such a busy year behind us, and all our products and services now launched, we look forward to a 2018 spent focusing on our strengths, and helping our clients to do the same.

Our Year Ahead.

With this goal in mind, we mapped out the events we plan to host or participate in this year. Here’s what we have up our sleeves, so far.

  • Father’s Day Contest: Last year, we hosted a Mother’s Day Contest, and had the amazing opportunity to work with America’s First Military Quintuplets. After a few emails and social media mentions, we ensured disappointed fathers they would have their own contest for 2018, and we’re holding good on our promise.
  • National Novel Writing Month 2018: Last year, our Managing Director participated in (and won!) NaNoWriMo 2017. We were supportive, of course, but this year we’d like to throw the full company support behind participants with extra perks for the winners.
  • NOVEMBER31: Last year, we celebrated a year of testing, and the official launch of our travel services (in partnership with 1 View Point) by offering special deals on travel all month long. We’re running that for a second round in November 2018.

Throughout the year, we’ll also have travel deals for special holidays and events, as well as discounts off select services. So keep an eye out! These will only be available to subscribers and followers, and the newsletter announcements will act as your coupons. Be sure to add us to your address books, so you don’t miss our emails!


If you’ve got questions, send us an email or leave a comment below to get all the answers you need. We’ll be happy to assist you in any way we can.


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  1. Amen Alexis!! Happy 2018! 🥂

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  2. Nasuko says:



    1. Thank you, Kim! Will you be participating in or taking advantage of any of these?

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      1. At this time I’m taking some online courses for copy writing but I may be looking into your indie publishing services, I am working on a second book… kim

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Hi Kim, that’s great. As a note though, we don’t publish books, though we have helped connect indie authors with the people they need to do so on their own; and we also do help with proofreading.

        However, we mostly work on the PR and marketing side: book cover design, social media, press releases etc.

        Feel free to drop me a message, if you have questions. Good luck on the second book!

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      3. I mean marketing services! I got so excited there for a moment!

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  3. Congratulations. That was an awesome year.

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    1. It was — thank you!

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  4. You’re hosting a NaNo event! Sounds exciting. This is a bucket list item that I missed last year. Maybe this year I’ll be more disciplined (unless the travel bug gets me again;) )

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    1. We’re thinking of hosting some virtual write-ins, and a few sprints, especially for the night owls. Traveling is an excellent time to be writing, though! Unless of course you’re in the woods without electricity – haha.

      Stay tuned for updates!

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