Ethics in public relations can become a tricky affair. As agents, our job is always to respect, support, and carry out the wishes of our clients.

Even so, Alexis Chateau has thrived as a freelance business and later a Limited Liability Company by doing what we love and supporting causes we believe in. We do not take on any projects that threaten this.


As a rule, we do not support products and services we believe may be harmful to the environment and the people and other living things inhabiting it. We also do not support projects or create content supporting discrimination of any kind. We are especially opposed to:

  • Racism
  • Xenophobia
  • Homophobia
  • Misogyny and misandry

Politics & Religion

While our founder is an active writer on social justice issues in the sociopolitical arena, Alexis Chateau PR, LLC does not accept political assignments. We are also not affiliated with any political or religious bodies.

Student Services

Since its early inception, Alexis Chateau has been involved with the student community and maintains that connection through services provided via the College Mate product.

Please note that while College Mate provides services specifically to college students, we do not complete assignments for students. Any Alexis Chateau PR worker who does so in the company’s name, whether as “Alexis Chateau” or “College Mate” will be terminated immediately.

For details on the services we do provide for college students, please visit College Mate’s services page.

Goodwill & Charity


We love to support charities and registered non-profits. To this end, we provide special discounts for organizations that can verify their legal status as non-profit organizations.

We’re particularly interested in working with animal shelters trying to grow donations and increase their adoption rates. These Clients will be in close contact with our Goodwill Ambassador, Shadow the PR Cat.


Students are charged reduced rates, but must have an active .edu email address and valid school ID. This discount applies to secondary education students as well.

Women & Minorities

The team at Alexis Chateau PR embodies true diversity in age, gender, ethnic background, and nationalities. Thus, we have a natural interest in working with other female and minority-led brands from around the world, and do our best to promote them.


We treat as confidential all proprietary and personal information given to us by past, current, and prospective clients.

To this end, all hands on deck sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement—including team mates, freelancers, and vendors we may outsource work to.


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