Buffer Will No Longer Support Personal Instagram Profiles

As of October 2020, Buffer will only support Instagram accounts that have been converted to business profiles. The change comes amid reports that Instagram also plans to focus more of its efforts on supporting creator and corporate accounts. The good news is that converting your Instagram account from a personal profile to a business page…

What to Expect from the Beta Review Process

Originally posted on black CATastrophy:
On June 6th, I shared that I had come to the end of the review process for my paranormal murder mystery, The Moreau Witches. After providing a copy of the first draft to thirteen readers, only five people finished the book. Some of the others did provide feedback as they made their…

How to Avoid Investment Fraud

Whether you own a startup that’s in need of funding, or you’re an investor looking for a great business idea to support, investment fraud is a constant risk.