A Team That Hikes Together: Reynold’s Nature Preserve

1 Alexis Chateau PR Team 1 View Point.jpg

One of our greatest strengths at Alexis Chateau PR is our diversity. From humans to cat, West Indians to Americans, desert-living to island life…

9 Reynolds Nature Preserve Duck.jpg

Being widespread allows us to cover more ground, while building experience and familiarity in different markets. It does, however, also mean that we have to work a little harder to maintain a sense of unity.

2 Reynolds Nature Preserve Hiking Trails.jpg

The best ways we’ve found to make this happen, is to travel and hike together. Over the past year alone, the Managing Director took two trips out west to go adventuring with Tristan O’Bryan, our Junior Editor, and their friend, Ericson Quero.

The Atlanta team meets even more regularly, outside of work. With four members (including the cat!) based in Atlanta, it’s always easy to schedule gym time, or grab a bite together.

3 Reynolds Nature Preserve

Hiking, however, took some convincing. Once we got the ball rolling though, teammates grew to love it. With the adventurous spirit newly kindled, some eventually took their own trip out west to go skiing and snowshoeing.

Johnson Sainvil 1 View Point.jpg

Adventuring together (and apart!) helps us to keep the team active and healthy, while enriching our personal lives. How long have we been testing this approach to team-building? Almost two years.

5 Reynolds Nature Preserve Waterscape.jpg

When it comes to business, it’s too easy to attempt to limit teamwork to the office. There are so many amazing ways to encourage workers to not just set their differences aside, but embrace those differences, and come together to achieve common goals.

7 Reynolds Nature Preserve Boardwalk.jpg

It’s in the best interest of every company to create an organizational culture where group interests are prioritized, and synergy is realized.

Are their team-building exercises at your company? Do you enjoy them, or believe they work for your team?

If you would like your company to consider more adventurous options, like we have for the past two years, feel free to get in contact via our travel form.

10 Reynolds Nature Preserve.jpg

…And if you just came to look at the pretty pictures — who can blame you! — here’s the last of them below, from our hiking trip to Reynold’s Nature Preserve last summer.

Thanks for dropping by!

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About Alexis Chateau PR

Alexis Chateau PR is an independent public relations agency with its own built-in travel agency. We have a special interest in independent writers and lifestyle brands. From education to entertainment to travel, we’ve worked with clients in all areas of the lifestyle industry since 2006.

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  1. Beautiful pics! This encouragement is always necessary !😌

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    1. Thank you! We do love to encourage and support each other.


      1. You’re Welcome! I can see the positive energy. I love that! ❤

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