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Alexis Chateau PR is an independent public relations agency, providing services to entrepreneurs who fall outside the budget reach of big PR firms. 

At Alexis Chateau PR, we are all artists and entrepreneurs. Every team member has owned their own startup or professional freelance practice—sometimes both. And, we all have a creative background ranging from painting to music.

This has helped us form strong connections with our clients, and to relate on a level big PR agencies cannot. We know all the ups and downs of entrepreneurship, and we understand the difficulties of getting your art before the right audience.

Our diverse team is made up of seven members. Together, we bring 80+ years of experience to the table. We are:

  • Alexis Chateau, Founder & Managing Director
  • Johnson Sainvil, Senior Business Consultant
  • Randi Minetor, Key Adviser
  • Shadow Chateau, Goodwill Ambassador
  • Alyssa Williams, Senior Designer
  • 1 View Point, Travel Agency
  • Tristan O’Bryan, Junior Editor & Tech Support



Alexis Chateau

Name: Alexis Chateau, CPP
Position: Founder & Managing Director
Education: Bachelor’s in Business Administration, Associate’s in the Liberal Arts & Humanities, Certified Payroll Professional, Mentorship under Randi Minetor
Experience: 15 Years
Second Language: Jamaican Creole
Focus: Management & Recruiting, PR & Marketing, Client Acquisition

Alex travels full-time with Shadow the PR Cat in her FJ Cruiser. She has lived in three countries and traveled to 40 U.S. states. She’s best known for her lifestyle blogging and fictional pieces.


Johnson Sainvil-Alexis Chateau PR.jpg

Name: Johnson Sainvil, MBA
Position: Senior Business Consultant
Education: Bachelor’s in Business Administration, MBA in Marketing
Experience: 16 Years
Second Language: Haitian Creole, French
Focus: Business Formation & Licensing, Drafting & Assessing Contracts, Networking, Music

Johnson’s management experience ranges from independent artists to startups to retail giants. In his college years, he dabbled in music and became instrumental in the success of big acts like Black Violin. Despite his marketing background, Johnson much prefers the behind-the-scenes work of turning business ideas into companies — and all the paperwork that comes with it. What a guy!


Randi Minetor Alexis Chateau PR.png

Name: Randi Minetor, M.A.
Position: Key Adviser
Education: Bachelor’s in English, Bachelor’s in Psychology, Masters in Film Theory, Masters in Broadcasting
Experience: 30+ Years
Focus: Media Relations, Travel, Mentoring

Alex invited Randi to join the team after reading one of her many inspirational books. With decades of PR experience under her belt, Randi’s primary role is to provide ongoing mentorship to Alex, who wants to be like her when she grows up. She also handles all client queries that may require a second-opinion at Alexis Chateau PR.

Randi runs her own PR practice in New York, Minetor & Company, Inc. She has published more than 50 books, and is a best-selling author.



Name: Shadow Chateau (Shadow the PR Cat)
Position: Goodwill Ambassador, & Head of the black CATastrophy Division for Indie Authors
Education: Kitty Domestication & PR Apprenticeship under Alexis Chateau
Experience: 4 Years
Second Language: English
Focus: Philanthropy, Social Media, Blogging, Selfies

Shadow Chateau was rescued from a feral colony by the Meow and Purr Foundation, and found his forever home with Alexis Chateau PR. Alex soon noticed he had a knack for hanging around the office while she did PR work, and put him to the test.

His exceptional skills at PR soon earned him a promotion to lead the company’s goodwill strategies. He is smarter than Randi and Alex combined, and tweets without opposable thumbs.


Alyssa Williams - Alexis Chateau PR.png

Name: Alyssa Williams
Position: Senior Designer
Education: Bachelor’s in Graphic Design
Experience: 14 Years
Second Language: Jamaican Creole
Focus: Graphic Design, Networking, Fashion

Alyssa is a Jamaican artist with an eye for detail. She paints, draws, reads comic books, and balances a schedule of all work and no sleep. Alyssa has been best friends with Alex for 15 years, and worked with her on creative pieces for 14. She was the first person to encourage Alex to share her writing with the world, way back in 2002. Look how that turned out!


Name: MaKen Property Management, LLC
Position: Property Managers
Experience: 16 Years
Focus: Managing Airbnb properties in Atlanta, GA.

MaKen Property Management works closely with us to manage two co-owned Airbnb properties in Atlanta, GA. These properties average roughly $2,500 per month in income and have both received Superhost status. We are always on the lookout for more properties to manage within the Atlanta area. We review each proposal carefully to ensure it is financially feasible for both parties. We find that whether the owners need to pay a high mortgage or not is the number one factor affecting the financial feasibility of hiring us as property managers.


Tristan O'Bryan Alexis Chateau PR Junior Editor.jpg
Name: Tristan O’Bryan
Position: Junior Editor & Tech Support
Education: Bachelor’s in Business Administration, Associate’s of International Language (Japanese), Son of an Elite Grammar Nazi
Experience: 13 Years
Second Language: Jamaican Creole, Japanese
Focus: Copy Editing, Technology, Adventure Travel

Tristan has exceptional command of the English language, and knows his way around computers better than most. The son of an elite Grammar Nazi, he delights in correcting Alex’s grammar, and has been doing it for fun since 2007. He is passionate about error-free copy, building customized PCs, adventure travel, video games, Japanese culture… and selfies.

Talk about #SquadGoals!


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  1. Soul Gifts says:

    Thank you for the follow:) Quite the team you have. The PR Prodigy has her paws full keeping you all in line. Lucky she has nine lives !

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    1. You’re welcome, and thank you. Shadow does have his paws full. He mostly works with animal shelters and our indie authors. Basically, he gets to have all the fun!

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      1. Soul Gifts says:

        The best kind of job!

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  2. Charming introduction! Thank you for following my blog

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    1. You’re welcome. Thanks for dropping by!


  3. P. S. Tell Tristan to keep my writing error-free! 🙂

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    1. Haha, he will if you send it to him! 😄


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