What We Do


Entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and independent artists are grabbing life by the horns and bringing their business ideas, causes, and characters to life. But, with new brands hitting the market every day, attracting customers, donations, and readers can start to feel like rocket science.

As an independent firm in the digital age, Alexis Chateau PR focuses primarily on branding-building and driving organic traffic through content strategy, content marketing, and content management.

Fortunately, what feels like rocket science to beginners in any field will feel like a walk in the park for experts. All you have to do is find the right team to work with.

Our Business Services

Whether you need us to produce speeches, blog posts, memes, infographics, or a whole book—we’ve got you covered. Here are some of the specific services we provide, so you can focus on running the business you love.

Keep in mind that due to the fluid nature of public relations and content strategy, in practice, many of these services overlap. Because of this, you can submit all your orders and queries via this page. The hyperlinked web pages above are for clients who are looking for very specific services.

Our Professional Experience

Over the past 15 years, we’ve worked with inventors, students, self-published authors, musicians, bloggers, startups, car-dealerships, and even other media and PR agencies around the world to craft the right messages that resonate with their audience.

So far, our team has completed design work and/or crafted content for brands like Elite Daily, Red Stripe, JetSmarter, Valley Chevy, Servpro and O’Reilly Auto Parts.

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