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After 16 years of business, there isn’t a part of public relations and marketing that we haven’t had a hand in. From working on video ads with clients in entertainment to editing the speeches of politicians to building websites for non-profits to writing content for other PR firms—we have seen and done it all.

However, experience is nothing without wisdom. So, we have spent the past decade-plus not just honing our skills, but also paying close attention to the areas in which we deliver the best results for our clients and receive the most personal enjoyment.

Work Samples

Over the last seven years, clients have increasingly sought us out for specific services instead of full-service packages. Consequently, we’ve done away with our 100-plus-page portfolio. You may now browse work samples below from the specific areas that suit your interest.

Graphic Design

Our graphic design work is completed by our Senior Designer, Alyssa Williams. Alyssa has been working in graphic design for 12 years. Her design work has included websites, business cards, flyers, and even restaurant menus. You can find her full portfolio, here.

Website Building

All our websites are built by the Director, Alexis Chateau. She has been building websites for fun since 2002, and professionally, since 2015. The client decides the general aesthetics of the websites, but we are primarily known for creating a clean, contemporary look.

Writing and Editing

At this point, 90 percent of our business is focused on content creation, content strategy, and content management. All content is written by Alexis Chateau and Shadow the PR Cat. Alexis Chateau has been writing professionally since 2006 and has worked alongside her editor, Tristan O’Bryan, for about as long. Shadow the PR Cat is an apprentice under both and comes highly recommended. Here are the pieces we are most proud of.

Search Engine Optimization

We handle the content side of SEO for some of the biggest SEO agencies in the world and have received raving reviews. We also handle our own SEO for four websites, in-house. Over the years, we found that the key to good search engine optimization is writing high-quality content that entertains and informs. See below for how this approach to content creation has worked for us over the years:

Social Media

We have handled dozens of social media accounts over the years. However, these days social media posts are tied in with articles when we write them. Handles we specifically create content for are below. Next to each handle is the reason we are proud to include it in our portfolio.

  • Quora — 2.6 million answer views, 20k monthly
  • Facebook — 5-star business rating
  • Instagram — 7,000+ followers
  • Instagram — Pompous PR puss
  • Twitter — Credibility as a PR rep and philanthropist, despite being a cat.
  • LinkedIn — 1500+ connections

Media Relations

While media relations is not the crux of our business, as a PR agency, we have nonetheless scored some media placements that we are extremely proud of. Please see a few of them below.

Image Management

As a public relations firm, our primary aim is to shape how people see your brand, and what they think of it when they do. We use all the tools mentioned above to shape your brand’s image. Here are a few examples of our results, below.

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