Our Humble Beginnings

The brand Alexis Chateau was born in 2003 when our founder first chose the pen name for self-publishing novels in Jamaica. But it wasn’t until 2006 that Chateau first began freelancing in college as an editor to help students bridge the gap between their knowledge and their ability to express their mastery eloquently on paper.

Branching into Social Media, Blogging & Consultancy

Like most millennials in college, Chateau became infatuated with social media and built a sizable following online across multiple platforms. In 2013, her social media caught the attention of an inventor in the green energy field who hired her to manage his social media accounts, edit his written interviews, and assist with business plans, research, budgets, and other related projects.

Going International

In 2015, Chateau quit her corporate job in payroll and put ten years of freelancing as a writer and editor to use as a content strategist in America. In this capacity she worked with clients around the world in a number of areas; including entertainment, cyber security, animal rights, publishing, and building and construction.

Becoming an LLC

On November 07, 2016 Alexis Chateau founded Alexis Chateau PR to expand her services with the help of freelance workers who share a passion for great content. She currently retains 100 percent ownership of the agency.

Become a part of our legacy by working with our team.


Here’s a look at some of the brands we’ve worked with over the past decade – individually, as a team, and through Third Party contracts.

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