Our Story


Our Humble Beginnings

The brand Alexis Chateau was born in 2003 when our founder first chose the pen name for self-publishing novels in Jamaica, with her friend, Alyssa Williams. Chateau did the writing, while Williams assisted with the visuals and general creative direction.

Following this successful amateur stint in writing, Alexis Chateau then went on to study liberal arts in college. Meanwhile, Williams went on to study graphic designing, and dabbled in fashion.

In Chateau’s first semester of college, her communications lecturer suggested she freelance her writing, editing, and tutoring services to help pay for college. Within a month, Chateau had doubled her income.

She continued to use freelancing to help pay for her two degrees, until graduating in 2012. Alongside her liberal arts degree, Chateau obtained a first class bachelor’s in business. During this time, Chateau primarily worked with clients in communications and health care.

Branching into Digital PR

In 2013, Chateau’s social media pages caught the attention of a local inventor in the green energy field. He hired her to manage his social media accounts, serve as a liaison between himself and the media, assist with business plans, conduct research, formulate budgets, and write government proposals.

Chateau even continued to work with him on a pro bono basis, when he struggled to receive funding for his project. He was her primary and most high-profile client from 2013 to 2015.

Diving into Goodwill

In 2014, Chateau volunteered at a local animal shelter, Montego Bay Animal Haven. Along with handling the real grit and grime of cleaning cages and caring for the animals, Chateau also helped to recruit volunteers for the cause, spread the word about fundraising events, and encouraged family and friends to #AdoptDontShop. 

Going International

In 2015, with nearly a decade’s worth of writing and public relations experience under her belt, Chateau quit her corporate job in payroll to travel and work as a content strategist. She now travels across the country full-time with her cat.

With travel as her main focus, her clientele shifted to a more international market, and now branched into several different industries. Chateau worked with clients in cyber security, animal welfare, publishing, building and construction, entertainment, medicine, and marketing.

During this time, she often called on the assistance of Johnson Sainvil, Alyssa Williams, and Tristan O’Bryan.

From Freelancers to Firm

Teaming Up

On November 07, 2016 Chateau created Alexis Chateau LLC and asked the freelancers she had worked with to join her as workers at the company.  Johnson Sainvil joined as Senior Business Consultant, and Alyssa Williams became the Senior Designer.

Fetching the Feline

In December 2016, the firm began searching for an Office Cat to lead by example in its effort to support #AdoptDontShop.

Chateau chose one of the most unlikely candidates for adoption from a foster-mom at Meow & Purr Rescue: a black semi-feral kitten who had been poorly socialized and was terrified of humans.

One month, many hisses, and several scratches later, Shadow surprised the team by becoming the sweetest little lap cat. His transformation inspired Chateau to take things a step further by appointing him as Goodwill Ambassador at the firm.

Additional Expertise

In January 2017, Chateau stumbled upon a book written by Randi Minetor: How to start a home-based Public Relations Business.

Inspired by the renewed peace of mind, in the form of confirmation that she was on the right track with the transition from freelancer to firm, Chateau sought out Minetor. She asked her to join the team as Key Adviser. Minetor agreed to work with the team, and still does, today.

A Second Pair of Eyes

During this time, the amount of content passing through the firm grew exponentially, so Chateau thought it wise to hire a second pair of eyes. She then turned to a friend who had been correcting her English purely for fun, for the past decade.

Tristan O’Bryan agreed to join the team as Junior Editor. He also accompanies Chateau on some of her trips and provides remote technical support for the team.

Full-Fledged Agency

With a diverse team of seven at the ready to serve our clients, Alexis Chateau amended the PR agency’s name from “Alexis Chateau LLC” to “Alexis Chateau PR, LLC”.

In July 2017, Chateau decided to focus more on her favorite niche of clients: indie authors. To formalize this decision, the firm created black CATastrophy and appointed Shadow the PR Cat to head this special division for indie authors.

On October 31st 2018, Alexis Chateau published her novel, The Moreau Witches The project was funded by the company and published under black CATastrophy. She is currently working on book number two: The Curse of Kalaga.

Our Clients

Here’s a look at some of the brands for whom we’ve crafted visuals or created content over the past decade— individually, as a team, and through Third Party contracts.

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