Meet the Hoffman Squadron! – Winners of the Alexis Chateau PR Mother’s Day Contest

Mother’s Day is finally here! If you haven’t heard from the kids yet, then let us be the first to wish you a Happy Mother’s Day from Alexis Chateau PR!

It’s an especially happy mother’s day for us at the firm. After more than a month of looking, we’re excited to announce we finally found our contest winners.

Meet the Hoffman Squadron

Roxanna is a busy mompreneur, and with her husband often away on military duty, much of the parenting and business is left in her very capable hands, at just 28 years old.

Needless to say, when Roxanna submitted her entry for the Mothers’ Day contest, we were immediately intrigued by her story. She shared:

Our family has America’s First Military Quintuplets (2.5 years old), a 1 year old son, and a 10 year old son! Yes, we had six children in twenty months!

My husband is currently gone a year with the military so I am raising our children and our blog/vlog alone. 

With seven kids to manage on her own, it might surprise you to know that Roxanna’s life does not, in fact, revolve around just being a mom. She is a veteran, a nursing student, and a fitness enthusiast.

Can someone say Superwoman?!

How She does It

We wondered, and we know you’re wondering too. How does she do it?! How does any mom manage nursing school, a fitness routine, and seven kids, with Daddy away – and all without losing her sanity?

My life revolves around a schedule, organization, and wrangling chaos to make things run as smoothly as possible.  Our quintuplets (2.5 years old) and baby (1 years old) are constantly moving, needing diaper changes, playing, and eating.

I go constantly from one activity to the next. I am OCD and a Type A person, who functions on very little sleep. This allows me to get the most done for our blogging.

My oldest son (10 years old) keeps me busy with school and sports. He is a huge help with the fun jobs like playing with the kids, if I need a moment to finish cooking or another task.

However, Roxanna has no intention of deluding others about the challenges she faces. She is, after all, a mother with career and academic goals of her own.

I had 3 out of 4 semesters of nursing school completed when I went on hospital bed rest for 10 weeks with the quintuplets. I also was in the military myself, but went inactive and got out at 20 weeks pregnant.

Losing both of these career and academic goals, was really hard emotionally and financially for us. It is worth it though since we have happy (usually), and healthy children.

I am going to be restarting nursing school this fall! Sadly, my credits won’t transfer for liability reasons. However, I should be done in about two years again and it is worth it to restart.

I also gave up medically a lot and still need a lot of repair work surgery from the pregnancy. That will come with time though.

Daddy Hoffman Sent us the Opportunity

Throughout the ups and the downs, Roxanna has enjoyed unbroken support from her husband and her mother. In fact, it was her husband, Michael Hoffman, who encouraged Roxanna to apply for the contest.

“I had just started researching PR firms when I came across the contest and Alexis Chateau PR [and] I’m really glad I did!” she shares.

My husband encouraged me to apply. He is currently gone a year with the military. However, we talk often about ways to try to improve our blogging and vlogging.”

We’re so glad Daddy Hoffman ensured Roxanna got her entry in on time – and not a moment too soon!

One of the main reasons we’re excited to work with Roxanna Hoffman is that the family brand is not just a medium for sharing memories or making money.

It’s also been a beacon of hope for families struggling with infertility, military life, and just being a parent.

The Hoffman Celebrations

So what do the Hoffmans plan to do on such a special day today? After all, with so much love to go around, Mothers’ Day should be a day of revelry!

But Roxanna has enough excitement all year ’round. So on her special day, she just wants to relax.

“This year, I plan to make a Mother’s Day breakfast, have a pajama day, and cuddle up with the kids watching a movie,” she shares. “Next year, I plan to take a day off since my husband will be back then and [I’m] looking forward to breakfast in bed.”

To say we feel honored to work with Roxanna and her family would be an understatement. We plan to not just further establish the Hoffman brand, but build a solid income to help the family thrive for years to come.

Roxanna has been credited with 8 hours of company time, and will work directly with Alexis Chateau. The 8 hours are applicable to all hourly services provided by the firm. There is only one service that is not billed at an hourly rate at the firm i.e. our graphic design services.


About Alexis Chateau PR

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