Brand New Announces Split with New Merchandise?

In 2003, Brand New’s first single The Quiet Things that No One Ever Knows became a hit thanks to radio airplay and the power of MTV. Since then, the band has continued to grow its sound to span from alternative rock to emo to indie rock, but no more.

Last year, Jesse Lacey allegedly announced that the band might break up soon, during a concert in Nashville. After months of speculations among the fans, the band’s new merchandise seems to confirm the rumours.

Photo Credit: Brand New Merchandise

The band has not released an official statement regarding the alleged break-up, but the merchandise seems to say it all. Still, some fans aren’t buying it. One fan stated:

This isn’t confirmation of anything. It’s simply a date on a t-shirt. Until I see Jesse Lacey play the LAST show, Brand New is just trolling. Hell even then – plenty of bands are making comebacks now a day.

Check out the smash hit that made Brand New a household name amongst indie rockers back in the early 2000s.

Featured Image taken from Brand New’s Instagram page.


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