EA Removes Gender Barriers from The Sims 4

Photo Credit: EA

The Sims is a popular video game created by Electronic Arts, which simulates real life – with a few extra perks. One of the most successful productions from EA to date, the game attracts a  near-cult following of teenagers and young adults.

In the game, users are able to date who they want, work where they want, and live the life they always dreamed. However, one feature The Sims did not have, is the ability to create transgender characters. With the new, free update released on June 2, 2016 this is no longer the case.

According to Electronic Arts:

All of us at EA want to make sure everyone in our diverse community who plays our games feels included and has the ability to express themselves as they play. No game exemplifies this kind of player choice like The Sims, a game with a long history of allowing player freedom and expression.

The decision by Electronic Arts has opened up a huge debate in the public about not just transgenders in The Sims, but real life transgender barriers. One reader posted:

I wonder how our government will try to limit how sims go to the bathroom.

Many members of the straight and transgender community alike welcomed the change and can’t wait to see what new adventures this creates for them in the game.

Click here to read EA’s announcement. 

Featured Image Photo Credit: EA. 

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