Image Management


When it comes to business and branding, image is everything. How people view your brand decides how much value consumers place on your products and services, and whether or not they trust you enough to do business at all. Yet, many entrepreneurs don’t give a second thought to their image.

At Alexis Chateau PR, image or reputation management is our primary focus. We want to help you craft an image that will attract your ideal customers and followers—whether it’s adventurous and outdoorsy, serious and business-like, or sassy and chic.

Image Management Services

Not everyone needs image management services. Some clients already have this taken care of and only require specific services to contribute to that persona. For everyone else, special care will be taken to ensure you create and maintain a brand image that best suits your industry type and personal preferences. Services employed to this end include the following.

You may submit all your orders and queries via this or the original What We Do page. The hyperlinked web pages above are for clients who are looking for very specific services.

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Are you interested in building your brand image? The cost of this service usually ranges from $30 to $100 per hour, depending on the size and complexity of your business. Get a free quote in 48 hours or less by submitting your information via the contact form below.