I Love the Life Lessons in The Moreau Witches!

Anna J Van Der Merwe

Alexis, I am in awe. Not only is this gripping but it contains such valuable life lessons – for me anyway. Not so much about being a mulatto as that can be a symbolism but simply because we are all the same and we just take on life differently, take opportunities, live different purposes but deep down, we are the same. I really love that.
And I love this – “A true leader must find their own way of inspiring loyalty and trust in the people around them.” I wish all employers knew this. Some forget they need to know people so they may know how to lead.
And this – “Superior in station and prestige,” Madeleine answered honestly, “but never in intellect or skill, or worthiness of fair treatment.”
If I had the hard copy, I’ll be highlighting. Have you ever seen a fiction with highlights?
I really, really, really love your book!