Speeches & Presentations


No one likes to do speeches – okay some people do. But for most of us it’s nerve-racking to go on a stage – or worse, in front of cameras – and deliver a monologue with no feedback from an audience until several hundreds (or thousands!) of words later.

Best case scenario, they cheer so loud you can hardly hear the sound of your heart thumping in your chest; and worst case scenario, you get booed off stage to the same effect.

There’s little Alexis Chateau can do about frayed nerves, but we do know that confidence in the words you deliver can make all the difference on stage.

This is why even the best orators and politicians hire professionals to work on their speeches. We can provide that same service to you – at a fraction of the cost.

Our speech services include:

  • Writing new speeches
  • Editing speeches
  • Creating PowerPoint presentations
  • Coaching