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Why Advertise on the College Mate Blog

We create content for a very specific niche on this website:

  • College hopefuls
  • College students
  • Recent college graduates

This makes it ideal for organizations looking to reach a young audience or market between the ages of 16 and 35. We receive dozens of pitches each month, but we only respond to the pitches that meet our guidelines and align with the brand.

Please note that we believe in the responsible use of our platform, so we do not advertise for academic writing services, escort services, and anything else that might put young people at risk.

How To Pitch & Submit Sponsored Posts

If you would like us to publish a post on College Mate containing promotional content for your brand, here are the guidelines to pitch us.

  1. All submitted promotions will be scrutinized to ensure they bring real value to our readers.
  2. Promotions in the areas of education, travel, career advice, entrepreneurship, fitness, and entertainment enjoy the greatest likelihood of acceptance.
  3. Sponsored posts on College Mate carry a charge of 10 cents per word if written by us, and 4 cents per word if written by you or another external source. The word count includes the headers and the title. There is an additional $20 fee for competitors only.
  4. To pitch your sponsored post, please send an email to with the header “PITCH SPONSORED: [insert working title]”.
  5. Tell us:
    [a] a little about yourself,
    [b] what you want to promote, and
    [c] what website you want to promote on.
  6. If you or another external source would like to write the article, please provide 3 writing samples with your pitch.
  7. We reserve the right to reject the article if it’s not to spec.
  8. College Mate only accepts and writes original content. Regardless of who writes the article, it cannot be published anywhere else prior to, during, or after publishing on College Mate.
  9. If we find content submitted to us published elsewhere we will remove it from our website, and you will not be refunded. So please do not send us duplicated content.
  10. We do edit all articles to ensure it matches the tone and voice of the website.

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