Michael Fedison Pens Follow-Up to The Eye-Dancers

In 2012, Michael Fedison took a leap of faith and published his science fiction novel, The Eye-Dancers. While not new to the world of writing and publishing, this was Fedison’s first full-length novel, and his first foray into self-publishing. Now, half a decade later, Fedison is prepping for the launch of its sequel, The Singularity-Wheel.

The Eye-Dancers focuses on the tale of four preteen boys who are sucked into an alternate universe by the mysterious Monica Tisdale. The unlikely group of four must band together to save the little girl, and perhaps more importantly, save themselves and find their way back home.

The new sequel itself takes place five years after the events in The Eye-Dancers, allowing Fedison’s YA fanbase to grow into the tougher topics tackled in The Singularity Wheel. The new book tackles teenage angst, the pursuit of happiness, and the unfortunate fact that when friends grow up they sometimes grow apart.

Despite the five years since his first published novel, Fedison has used blogging and social media to connect with his readers, and generate renewed interest in both the old book and the new sequel.

Fedison’s The Eye-Dancers has attracted not just young boys, but also moms, and older men who can relate to the struggles the four main characters face in their youth.

“I bought it on my birthday a couple of years ago and truly enjoyed it. Awesome work. I am definitely waiting on book 2 and will be there for the next adventure with bells on!” one of his readers tells him on Facebook.

She adds, “Book one is on my literature list for my boys this year (home school). This is right up their alley so I know they’re gonna love it, and book 2 will be right on time for me to enjoy first and enjoy again during our discussions!”

Fedison says of the older male crowd who reads his book, “I think it’s the nostalgia that draws them.” He adds, “As for the women, I have no idea why the book draws them, but there are a lot of moms who buy it, and I’m really glad they do!”

Fedison is currently polishing up The Singularity Wheel, with a tentative release date scheduled for January 2018.

Book reviewers who would like a complimentary copy for review purposes are encouraged to contact his publicists directly at Alexis Chateau PR.

The Singularity Wheel will be available on Amazon and CreateSpace at $2.99 for the eBook and $14.05 for the paperback.

Update 02.09.2018: This press release was updated to reflect the new paperback pricing of $14.05, as supplied by the author.

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