5 Awesome Travel Destinations for this Fall

In spite of the rain and soggy shoes, there’s something about the fiery colors of fall that make for a spectacular experience. Fall is also the season of Halloween, and Thanksgiving; and that time of year when we start making preparations for Christmas, and then New Years.

With such great holidays and celebrations to be had, travelers are already looking for the best places to spend it. So here are five of our favorites to get you out on the road again.


Spring is Japan’s most popular tourist season, but fall follows close behind. From mid-September into the beginning of November, Japan’s trees put on a colorful display as they begin to change for the season.

During this time, many Japanese and tourists seek out their favorite spots to admire the changes fall brings. This observance of fall foliage is usually referred to as koyo, by the locals.

Some of the best peeping spots to see the autumn leaves include Kyoto’s Temples, Fuji Five Lakes, and Oze. Be sure to bring your camera to capture the fiery display.


As the motherland of many a country in the Americas, Britain is known for its many accomplishments, but did you know that its beautiful autumn leaves is one of them? Fall in Britain, especially in the countryside, is a beauty best beheld in person.

Scotland, England, and Northern Island offer many open grasslands with tall trees in centuries-old forests. If you’re lucky, you may also find rivers, streams, and ponds reflecting the autumn colors to make the display that much more beautiful.

If you’re planning to take pictures, be sure to check the weather. The cliché of Britain is true: it’s often either raining, or about to. Some of the best spots to view the autumn leaves include Grizedale Forest, Faskally Woods, and Bodnant Gardens.


A winner in sheer size alone, America rivals even Britain with amazing autumn spots all across the country – from the west coast to the east. With size also comes diversity, as America boasts high mountains, low valleys, rolling hills, and some of the best national parks around the world.

This makes it easy to simply jump a few states, to get a whole new experience. Some of the best fall spots include the lakes of New Hampshire, southeast New Jersey, the Adirondack Mountains in New York, and western Maine.


For those who want to extend their fall season – and those looking to escape allergies in the spring – Australia provides the perfect solution. Why? Because while North America, Europe, and Asia are experiencing spring, Australia is just about ready to gear up for the fall.

Just like Britain, America, and Japan, Australia’s fiery fall foliage is gorgeous, and there are many great places to see them. Some recommendations include Clare Valley, Yarra Valley, Litchfield National Park, and the Great Alpine Road.


Not what you were expecting, eh? But as one of the most popular travel destinations in the world, even Jamaica has an off season. Most people rush to Jamaica during the winter months to escape the cold, and during the spring for spring break.

However, during the summer and fall months, business is often slow and hotels price their rooms accordingly. Take advantage of deals you won’t ever see in the summer or spring, by vacationing in Jamaica at this time. Cheaper accommodations also means you can enjoy a longer trip.

You’ll lose the fall experience for sure, but who can complain when there’s white sand beaches and margaritas to be had at discount prices? We’d like to think that’s a fair exchange.

Planning to take a special trip this fall? We’ll match you with affordable rates for your flight and accommodations. Email us for more information!


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