Findaway Voices and Draft2Digital Pave a Better Way For Indie Audiobooks

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Have you ever thought of making a high quality audio-production of your indie book, and distributing it through major platforms, like iTunes? Without losing control of your work, and its pricing? And all while stacking up on royalties?

On June 18, 2017, Findaway Voices and Draft2Digital partnered together to make that possible. Draft2Digital is a publishing aggregator, while Findaway Voices is an audiobook production service. Match made in heaven, right?

Together, the two companies aim to challenge Amazon’s Audible, while opening up new markets for independent authors. According to Broadway World Books:

Authors maintain full rights over their work, with the ability to price and distribute their audiobooks without restrictions, and while receiving full royalties. This contrasts with the Audible model, which typically restricts authors to distributing exclusively through their service to gain a better . In addition, Findaway Voices gives authors full control of pricing, and royalties are…

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