Alexis Chateau PR Volunteers at the Morning After the Mess Beach Cleanup

Oceanside, CA On July 5th 2017, members of the Alexis Chateau PR team spent a few hours of their vacation time volunteering at the Morning After the Mess Beach Cleanup at the Oceanside Pier in California.

The team arrived in the morning and walked the California beach, picking up everything from metal rods to plastic wrappers and cigarette butts.

Part of the Plan

“I didn’t volunteer,” Junior Editor, Tristan O’Bryan, admitted with a laugh. “Alex signed us up, but we weren’t surprised. Volunteering is her thing.”

Tristan’s friend, Ericson Quero, corroborates the tale. “She had it planned before we even got here,” he said.

When asked about the accusations, Founder & Managing Director, Alexis Chateau, laughed and replied:

I sent them the itinerary before our trip, so it’s not like I sprang it on them.

It wasn’t easy getting them up early to pick up garbage, when we’re supposed to be on vacation, but we had a good time. I’m glad they were good sports, and tagged along.

Chateau started her trip solo on July 3rd with a flight to Denver, Colorado. While in the Mile-High City, she met with a client, co-owner of the Rocky Mountain Exchange, Edwine Michel. She then continued on to meet up with Quero and O’Bryan in California.

Adventure Travellers

If their social media posts are anything to go by, the group stayed busy during their visit to the Golden State. Together, they hiked half of Torrey Pines State Reserve, climbed up Annies Canyon, and snorkeled at La Jolla.

It was a great trip,” Chateau tells us. “Out west is a whole new world, and a completely different side of America. I can’t wait to go back. Next time, I’d really love to see Wine Country.”

Back to Work

Chateau returned to Atlanta for work on Friday, July 7th 2017, and expects a full schedule as the team catches up on projects clients voluntarily set aside while she was on vacation.

The key to having a great vacation as a business owner is having a competent team you can trust while you’re away,” Chateau shares. “It also doesn’t hurt to have great clients who understand the importance of some time away from the office. I’m lucky to have both of those.”

Chateau plans to visit New Hampshire in the fall.

Interested in taking your own trip out west? We’ll book your flight, find accommodations, and put your itinerary together, at the most affordable rates. All it takes to get started is one email.

PS:- We promise not to make you volunteer!


About Alexis Chateau PR

Alexis Chateau PR is an independent public relations agency with a special interest in lifestyle brands. From education to entertainment to travel, we’ve worked with clients in all areas of the lifestyle industry since 2006.

The firm is currently preparing for the launch of its in-house travel services to complement the lifestyle and business needs of its clients, team mates, and blog subscribers.


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  1. Hello Alexis! I’m glad you enjoyed your time in California! It looks like you’ve been quite busy while I was away.

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    1. Yes, I did. Thank you. I didn’t forget your wine country and Redwood forest recommendations either, but those are further north. Next time I make it to Cali, that’s where I’m headed.

      Thanks for dropping by!

      – Alex

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