How to Become a Disney Star

For most young entertainers, getting a shot to work with Disney is an opportunity of a lifetime. And since Disney is one of the leaders in youth’s entertainment, getting your foot through the door isn’t exactly a walk in the park.

Even so, it’s not impossible. Countless young kids, teens, and adults have done it over the years- and here’s how.

Hone your Skills – as Many as Possible

Most young entertainers looking to get on Disney just want to act. This is the most important thing, but if you really pay attention you’ll notice that Disney actors and actresses also sing, model, and dance.

Disney dabbles in many different aspects of entertainment, and it’s not looking to hire a different person every time they need a new role filled. So the more skills you have, the better chances you have of getting hired.

Get the Paperwork

Once you’ve got the skills ready, get some experience and put together a resume, a great head-shot, and/or a portfolio if possible. Have your photo taken by a professional, and hire an editor to proofread your resume.

Almost every Disney star is good-looking, so you want to look your absolute best for the cameras. You’ll be spending a lot of time in front of them, anyway.


So how do you land a role on Disney in the first place? Easy: you have to audition first. Disney has a website where it posts its casting calls for roles all around the world. The website is You can also follow the Disney Auditions Facebook page for more updates.

At the audition, try to focus more on having fun, and less on impressing Disney. The brand is all about a carefree and light-hearted lifestyle, and it needs people on board that embody that.

All the best with your auditions and see you soon on the Disney channel!


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