Walking Dead Creator Snubs Game of Thrones Writers

Game of Thrones is one of the most insanely popular series ever to hit television. Those who watch it love it, and those who don’t – they’re missing out!

The show features great twists in the plots, and is the most unpredictable show you’ll ever watch. No character is safe. The writers will chop anyone’s head off – from peasant to king.

The same goes for the book, but as George Martin has yet to complete book 6, the series must move ahead. To assist the writers, George Martin allegedly gave a heads-up as to how the book would wrap-up, and then let the writers to expand on his plot.

While most fans are grateful the series will at least vaguely follow the planned outline of the book, not everyone is so appreciative. According to MovieFone:

Kirkman shamed GRRM in Rolling Stone for telling GoT showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss the major bullet points and end game for the rest of his series…

The creator of the Walking Dead series told the Rolling Stone:

That’s the one thing I’m disappointed in George R.R. Martin for doing. He should have just been like… You make it up now, I’ll get to mine when I’m ready.

What do you guys think? Is Martin wrong for helping the GoT writers out?

Photo Credit: Movefone


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