Powerful & Thought-Provoking

Brava, Ma’am, Brava. As always – powerful, thought-provoking, and completely on point. I thoroughly enjoy your ability to say what’s on everyone’s mind, in a way that allows for inclusion of different backgrounds, rather than separation. — Awkward Babble, Blogger

Your Blog is Amazing!

Your blog is amazing (the College one, too, even if I’m maybe too old for it) and I truly admire you and your writing. Amazing talent. I’m jealous! I love this post. Such wise words. Your photographs are also absolutely enchanting. I can imagine the hours looking at these images. I can’t even do a…

Impressive Motivation

Impressive motivation for blogging and readership growth. Continue to keep up the good work of empowering and enlightening others.   — V. Lott, Blogger


Your blog is fascinating!   — Deb Kroll, Blogger at Unexpected in Common Hours

Helpful Tip

Oh, I never thought about how writing on trending topics of the moment could help so much! Very helpful.   — Jess, Blogger at PT Contender

Love Reading your Posts

I love reading your posts – they’re always super interesting and this one is no exception!   — Michelle Ho, Blogger

You Have no Idea What Reading This Meant to Someone Like Me…

I appreciate you standing up for people who are different from you… As an African American homosexual female I have faced discrimination in many ways, and I vow to never hurt someone for being different than I. I love everybody even the ones that hate me and don’t even know me. I appreciate you, you…

Beautiful Photos!

You certainly inspired me with this post! Beautiful photos!   —  LeTara Moore, Author and Blogger  

Alex Inspires Me

You inspire me! I admire people who get up and follow their dreams, it takes a lot of courage, you should feel very proud.   — Deb Cowdrey, Creator of onceuponahotflash.com