An Important Voice in the Hope for Change

I appreciate your eloquence in calling out social, racial and political injustices. You are a gifted writer and important voice in the hope for change! I am eager to see more of your posts in the future! — Ashlee Olson, Founder of Home & Happy Blog

Keeping Inspiring Us

 I cannot wait to read what you have to say. Keep on inspiring!   – Casie Kamph, Marketing Specialist

A Welcome Relief from Clickbait Articles

Wonderful post! Thanks for sharing the historical background. Wish we had more educational posts like this in the media rather than the stuff people just write for clickbait.   – Sarah Flourance, Blogger at The Book Feminist.

I Took Notes!

This is a great post! I took down some notes to refer back to later as I develop my blog as well. Thank you! Love, Love, Love your blog posts!   — One Fresh Dame,

Proud of the Work You Do

Alexis, I am so proud of the work you do. Firstly, let me say your pictures are absolutely beautiful. Your work is so inspiring, mind-boggling and captivating. I admire your courage to venture into real issues, and topics that others find uncomfortable. I look forward to each and every post you make. Keep up the…

Looking Forward to Working with You More

Thank you for helping me see that I can be creative. I jumped a big hurdle and even though my blog is not where I envisioned for this time, I have at least started with your help. Looking forward to working with you more and the future.   — Roxanne, This Life That Rox

Powerful & Thought-Provoking

Brava, Ma’am, Brava. As always – powerful, thought-provoking, and completely on point. I thoroughly enjoy your ability to say what’s on everyone’s mind, in a way that allows for inclusion of different backgrounds, rather than separation. — Awkward Babble, Blogger

Your Blog is Amazing!

Your blog is amazing (the College one, too, even if I’m maybe too old for it) and I truly admire you and your writing. Amazing talent. I’m jealous! I love this post. Such wise words. Your photographs are also absolutely enchanting. I can imagine the hours looking at these images. I can’t even do a…