Website & Social Media Analysis


The creative process is fun and fulfilling, but beyond that, you sometimes feel like you have no idea what you’re doing. How do you attract readers? How do you grow traffic? And how do you get your blog to look more professional?

These are the most common questions we get asked at Alexis Chateau PR. Now that we get several of these per day, we’ve decided to create a service specifically for this. These are broken into three packages to best suit varying needs and budgets.

Surface Analysis

For this level of analysis, we take a look at your website and social media pages and provide you with a list of the obvious errors we come across that you may want to consider fixing.

Detailed Analysis

To conduct a detailed online presence analysis, we take a much closer look at your online real estate. This includes:

  • Website and blog
  • Social media pages
  • Search engine results
  • Overall brand image

We then provide recommendations for the problems we notice. These recommendations are based on years of experience completing work for high-end brands. However, they are only recommendations. You are under no obligation to comply.

In-Depth Analysis

For an in-depth online presence analysis, we will require access to your website and social media accounts. This allows us to take a much closer look at not just how you appear to your customers on the outside, but the habits that may be affecting this on the inside. Other information we can gather from accessing your accounts include the following.

  • Facebook page insights
  • Facebook ads effectiveness
  • Instagram page insights
  • Twitter insights
  • WordPress insights
  • WordPress statistics
  • Organic keywords

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Are you ready to learn how to improve your brand’s online presence? The prices of the packages above range from $50 to $200. Use the contact form below to place your order.